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Copyright 2010

The photography in this book is copyrighted. The copyrights are owned by the photographers, Conny Wenk and Kelle Hampton. They have granted us a free license to use their photos for the limited purpose of having them as part of this book and the website The text of this book is copyrighted. The copyright is owned by Ann Marie “Nancy” McCrea Iannone and Stephanie Hall Meredith. The authors have granted a free license to to have the book available for viewing on its website. You may not reproduce, print, or distribute this book unless given permission by the authors. We do grant limited permission in the circumstances below: You may view the book on the website You may print the book to read yourself, or give a printed copy to someone else to read, but only if it is given as a whole document in its entirety, with our cover and our copyright information — the entire book from beginning to end. You may not sell such a copy, or distribute copies of the book in significant numbers. You are not permitted to reproduce or modify the template, including but not limited to using text from our book for online content or in a printed publication without our express written consent. You may provide a link to on your website, but you are NOT allowed to store the book on your website. You are not permitted to reproduce any of the images from the book for any reason, except when providing a full copy of the entire book as detailed above. Any special requests for uses of the materials outside the scope of this notice should be directed to Nancy McCrea Iannone or Stephanie Meredith. You may not take parts of our book and attach your own information to it to present it as your work. You may not take parts of the book and mix it with your own work to create a hybrid document. You may not remove sections and present it as a whole with missing sections. You may not attach your own “cover” to the book. We have worked for almost a year on this book. The information is based on many hours of research and many discussions with experts. Most importantly, much of the advice is based on over four years of conversations with hundreds of expectant moms waiting for a baby with Down syndrome to be born. We have donated our professional skills and spent a great deal of time trying to give parents the information and support they need for this specific time period, trying to reassure, empower, and educate these parents while understanding and respecting their emotional state. In order to accomplish these goals, our work must remain intact and viewable in its entirety. Additionally, anyone found to violate our copyright or modify or alter the images or text of this title, either in print or via virtual sabatoge will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Legal Notice

We are not medical professionals. Although we have sought advice from experts, and have provided medical information, this book is meant to be a resource for you to understand this information, research the information yourself, and most importantly provide you with questions and issues for you to discuss with your medical care provider. All decisions about your care should be fully discussed with your medical care provider. This book is not a substitute for good quality medical care and advice.