Down Syndrome Pregnancy is a program administered by the National Center for Prenatal and Postnatal Resources at the University of Kentucky's Human Development Institute. We provide honest, compassionate, medically-reviewed, and informative support for those preparing for the birth of a baby with Down syndrome. The National Center also administers Brighter Tomorrows, an online resource for new and expectant parents, and Lettercase, a program for expectant parents first learning about prenatal screening/testing and a Down syndrome/Trisomy 21 diagnosis. Please be advised that we are not medical professionals. All decisions about your care should be fully discussed with your medical care provider. These books and website are a resource and not a substitute for good quality medical care and advice. Down Syndrome Pregnancy is supported in part by generous donations from those who support our purpose and programs. Online donations by credit card are received by the University of Kentucky Office of Development. All donations are tax-deductible and receive an acknowledgement letter, which also serves for tax purposes. Donate  Email us