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Why I love DSP- from a “graduate”

December 3, 2011 in Support

Every day at Down Syndrome Pregnancy, we provide expectant parents layers of support through our discussion board, private contact, and blog posts.

DSP “graduate” Megan Landmeier says, “When I got the news that my baby girl had Down syndrome, my world turned upside down. launched within weeks of getting Ellie’s diagnosis. I was able to share the website and book with family members and close friends; connect with other women; learn more about Down syndrome; and find hope from experienced parents who talked me through both of my daughter’s major surgeries. I cannot fathom how difficult my pregnancy would have been without the voices of other parents providing hope.

I now have a happy, healthy eight month old daughter. When she arrived, we were able to celebrate because we were prepared for her extra chromosome with community, information, and resources.”

Every day, we help women like Megan navigate the unfamiliar territory of pregnancy post-diagnosis. To help us with our work, join our end-of-year fundraising drive at our First Giving page.

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