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Materiales en español

February 1, 2013 in Resources, Spanish, Support

Para nuestros padres expectantes que hablan español y para sus parientes, hay una variedad de materiales y recursos en español.

Los folletos de la compañía Lettercase tienen texto en inglés y español:

Recientemente esta página de la red fue recomendada por un líder de nuestro grupo:

Otro recurso es Brighter Tomorrows – materiales están disponible en inglés y español:

También, la NDSS (la Sociedad Internacional del Síndrome de Down) tiene información en español:

La NDSC (Congreso Nacional del Síndrome Down) también tiene información en español:

Adicionalmente, hay muchos grupos del Síndrome de Down en muchos de los países de habla español. Familias quizás puedan hallar útil buscar en la página de la red de Gifts para encontrar grupos en el país de origen (los países están en orden alfabética):

“Babies with Down Syndrome” (Bebes con Síndrome Down) está disponible en español:


Revista Síndrome de Down

Libro de lectura y escritura

“Síndrome de Down: Vida adulta”

Materials in Spanish

February 1, 2013 in Resources, Spanish, Support

For our Spanish-speaking expectant parents, and for relatives who speak Spanish, there are a variety of Spanish language materials and resources:

The Lettercase booklets have both English and Spanish text:

Recently this website was recommended by a group leader:

Another resource is Brighter Tomorrows – materials are available in both English and Spanish:

Also, the NDSS has information in Spanish:

The NDSC has information in Spanish as well:

Additionally, there are a lot of Down syndrome groups in many Spanish speaking countries. Families may find it useful to take a look at the Gifts website for websites of groups in their countries of origin (countries listed alphabetically):

“Babies with Down Syndrome” is available in Spanish:


Revista Síndrome de Down

Libro de lectura y escritura

“Síndrome de Down: Vida adulta”

Down Syndrome Pregnancy News and Gratitude

October 31, 2012 in Blog, News

Stephanie Meredith (left), Nancy Iannone (middle), and Heather Trammell (right)

For the past two years, Down Syndrome Pregnancy has operated as an independent 501(c)(3) charity serving expectant parents nationwide under the wonderful guidance of Nancy McCrea Iannone as the Executive Director. Nancy has been unfailingly generous, kind, and dedicated in this work—along with the amazing Down Syndrome Pregnancy Board of Trustees: Melissa Kline Skavlem, Amy Geoffrey, Sarah Hartway, Heather Trammell, Kelle Hampton, and Lisa Cape Lilienthal. Under their leadership, this work has grown to support over 75,000 online visitors in the past two years, and nearly 3300 copies of the booklet, “Diagnosis to Delivery: A Pregnant Mother’s Guide to Down Syndrome,” have been distributed nationwide.

Given the success and responsibility of this effort, Down Syndrome Pregnancy is now being absorbed by the University of Kentucky’s Human Development Institute (HDI), which currently administers both Brighter Tomorrows (an online resource for new and expectant parents) and the Kennedy Foundation’s nationally recommended diagnosis booklet, “Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis.” Together, all of these resources will complement each other to provide comprehensive support for new and expectant parents nationwide.

Missy, Nancy, and Amy will continue to moderate the BabyCenter Down Syndrome Pregnancy board, and they will continue to provide guidance and consultation for the Down Syndrome Pregnancy website and resources. However, the program will now have the additional support of HDI as a distinguished University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, and the website will be managed by Stephanie Meredith, the Medical Outreach Director at HDI, who has also been part of Down Syndrome Pregnancy from the beginning as the co-author with Nancy of “Diagnosis to Delivery: A Pregnant Mother’s Guide to Down Syndrome.”

Please take a moment to share what Down Syndrome Pregnancy has meant to you over the past two years, and please also consider making a donation today so that we can continue growing the program to help more and more expectant parents.

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