The following booklet is also available for family and friends who find out their loved one is expecting a baby with Down syndrome:

In the future, we also plan to release the following additional resources:

  • Coping with Loss (for expectant parents who experience miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonate loss)

Other resources on our website include:

Resource List for Health Care Providers (nutshell list of main resources)

New Prenatal Testing: Are You Ready? (Action Plan)

Checklist for Local Groups (Information for Expectant Parents)

Estate Planning for a Child with Down Syndrome (Special Needs Trusts) by Herbert D. Hinkle, Esq.

Siblings Speak Out Series:

Jennifer Meyers Bekins, MS, CCC-SCP

Jenni Newbury, “Growing Up in Holland: A Sibling’s Report from the Front Lines”

Sample E-mails for parents to copy and edit:

E-mail Telling the News to Family and Friends

Letter to Doctor about Delivery

E-mail to Loved Ones about Slang/ the R-word

Helpful Lists:

15 Reasons to Reach Out to Your Local Group While Pregnant

53 Things to Do Instead of Worry

17 Tips for Expectant Parents

Summaries of useful organizations/ websites:

Down Syndrome Education International – a beginner’s road map

Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network

Unexpected: Stories of a Down Syndrome Diagnosis

Down Syndrome Adoption Network

Down syndrome Blogs