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February 1, 2013 in Resources, Spanish, Support

For our Spanish-speaking expectant parents, and for relatives who speak Spanish, there are a variety of Spanish language materials and resources:

The Lettercase booklets have both English and Spanish text:

Recently this website was recommended by a group leader:

Another resource is Brighter Tomorrows – materials are available in both English and Spanish:

Also, the NDSS has information in Spanish:

The NDSC has information in Spanish as well:

“Babies with Down Syndrome” is available in Spanish:


Revista Síndrome de Down

Libro de lectura y escritura

“Síndrome de Down: Vida adulta”

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  1. Rachel Matta says:

    This is one of my favorite sites in Spanish–it’s from Spain, and it’s got so much to offer. Wish we could offer a fraction of this to our local Spanish-speaking group in the SF Bay Area! In the meantime, plugging away on those new parent packets.

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