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The international charity Down Syndrome Education International (DSE) has taken the enormous elephant named “THE FUTURE” and has tried to turn it into bite-sized pieces for you. Take some time to tour the resource page of this website. You will find information about adulthood, adolescence, and childhood. After you get an overview, you can focus in on the time period of greatest importance, age 0 to 5 years. We believe DSE will empower you, showing you what YOU can do to help your child, increasing confidence about both the distant and very near future. Some of these materials are available for free online and others can be ordered as e-books or printed books, and all orders go to further support this charity’s important work.

We believe DSE to be an invaluable resource for parents and educators alike. If you find DSE as useful as we do, please share this resource with those involved in your child’s care.

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See also: Understanding Development and the Future chapter in our book, “Diagnosis to Delivery: A Pregnant Mother’s Guide to Down Syndrome.”

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You can also monitor the progress of your child’s gross motor development with the Gross Motor Skills for Children with Down Syndrome Mobile Companion by Woodbine House

Learn about the value of inclusion where students with disabilities learn among their typically-developing at Think Inclusive by Time Villegas.

Article on the value of seeking inclusive settings for preschool and Kindergarten: Preschool + Kindergarten: Ground Zero for Inclusion