Duke Down Syndrome Prenatal Diagnosis Study

October 22, 2013 in News

From the Duke University School of Medicine Down Syndrome Prenatal Diagnosis Study:

“If you or your partner recently received a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome (DS), you have an opportunity to share your story here. Kathryn B. Sheets, MS, CGC and Blythe G. Crissman, MS, CGC are genetic counselors at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina who are conducting a study to better understand patients’ experiences with prenatal diagnosis and making decisions for the pregnancy. Participation will improve our knowledge and help us to provide appropriate information, resources, and support to individuals in similar situations. Sharing your journey could benefit other individuals or couples going through a similar experience in the future. Participation in this study involves completing an anonymous, web-based questionnaire, which is managed by a secure, Duke approved program called REDcap. You may also print a copy of the survey to take offline.”

Visit “About the Study” for patients to read more.

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