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Learn to teach your baby: Down Syndrome Education International (DSE)

May 19, 2014 in Cognition

Beginner’s road map to DSE

The international charity Down Syndrome Education International (DSE) has taken the enormous elephant named “THE FUTURE” and has tried to turn in into bite-sized pieces for you. Take some time to tour this extensive resource. You will find information about adulthood, adolescence, and childhood. After you get a feel for the generalities, you can focus in on the time period of greatest importance, age 0 to 5 years. We believe DSE will empower you, showing you what YOU can do to help your child, increasing confidence about both the distant and very near future.

Click HERE for basic overview of DSE.

The beginner may find it useful to review the following materials from DSE. Each section has subsections in a box over to the right of each page so make sure you access those sublinks for further reading in each category.


Living with Down syndrome – Overview

Social Development – Overview

Memory Skills – Overview

Family Issues – Overview

Education Issues – Several

Motor Skills -Overview

Birth to Age 5

Overview- Birth to age 5

Early Intervention and Teaching – Birth to age 5

Speech and Language – Birth to age 5

Reading and Writing – Birth to age 5

Number Skill Development – Birth to age 5

We believe DSE to be an invaluable resource for parents and educators alike. If you find DSE as useful as we do, share this resource with those involved in your child’s care, and consider a donation to this charity.

Another wonderful educational resource is Teaching Children with Down Syndrome that specifically covers practical tips for educators.

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