The articles below correspond to chapters and topics in the books, and they offer a wide variety of constantly updated online resources. The articles also share stories from parents about their experiences with issues ranging from breastfeeding to preparing siblings to dealing with comments.

Confessions of the mom of a child with Down syndrome during the teenage years. Warning: some of the videos and photos may induce panic for parents of babies and toddlers who get heart palpitations at the thought of that first date or hearing “you ruin my life” sometime during the teenage years.


A list of 50 things to do instead of worrying during a pregnancy where test results indicate the baby might have or definitely has Down syndrome. The list includes fun activities for any baby, like choosing possible name, and specific resources about life with Down syndrome.


15 reasons why pregnant moms might want to contact their local Down syndrome groups for support following a diagnosis — and what services local groups often offer.


Read about how one mom’s friends helped her plan a baby shower to celebrate the arrival of her baby with Down syndrome.


An overview of breastfeeding resources and perspectives from other moms about their different breastfeeding experiences.


This article features a checklist of local information for organizations to have on hand that might be helpful for expectant parents who call with questions. When organizations are prepared to answer questions and address the concerns of expectant parents, they will become a valued resource.


Provides templates for birth plans and doctor letters from expectant moms to their obstetricians about their concerns, expectations, and desires for their pregnancy when preparing for the birth of a baby with Down syndrome.


This article shares a letter about how to invite friends to use kind words and avoid hurtful language about people with Down syndrome. In addition, it provides insight from experienced parents about the comments that bothered them along the journey and how they responded.


This article talks about what parents would say to themselves if they traveled in the past to their diagnosis day — how life actually turned out and what fears were confirmed or resolved.


An overview of resources available to families of babies with Down syndrome who qualify based on income.


This article reviews materials in Spanish available to expectant parents awaiting the birth of a baby with Down syndrome.


This article describes the emotions moms often feel immediately after receiving a diagnosis and shares the stories of other moms and how their feelings evolved..


This article shares advice for preparing financially for the birth of a baby with Down syndrome.


This articles shares stories from parents about why they are thankful for their children with Down syndrome.


This article outlines some additional grandparent resources and also shares perspectives on how grandparents can play an important role in supporting both their children and grandchildren.


This article covers articles and resources about heart conditions common to babies with Down syndrome and shares stories from parents who have experienced surgery.


This article reviews the different resources available at Down Syndrome Education International to help you understand what to expect at various stages and how to encourage the different areas of development for your child.


A training program on prenatal medical outreach for local Down syndrome organizations that includes recorded webinars, presentations, and supplementary downloadable materials.


Para nuestros padres expectantes que hablan español y para sus parientes, hay una variedad de materiales y recursos en español.


This article describes the ordinary lives of families who have a child with Down syndrome.


This article describes different organizational strategies parents use to keep track of the medical information for their child with Down syndrome.


This article shares the positive support new and expectant parents have received from their loved ones and offers ideas from other parents about what they found helpful.


This article talks about how parents reclaimed joy after learning about a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.


This articles gives ideas for how parents can share the news that their baby will be born with Down syndrome.

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This article describes an overview of having a sibling with Down syndrome, shares references to blog posts about sibling relationships, and offers perspectives from parents and siblings.


Jenni Newbury describes her experiences as the sister of a brother with Down syndrome and how they both became advocates who formed Camp PALS for other people with Down syndrome and their siblings to have fun together.


Jennifer Meyers Bekins, MS, CCC-SLP, a speech language pathologist at The Jane and Richard Thomas Center for Down Syndrome, part of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, shares with us her first-hand experience as the sister of three siblings with Down syndrome.


This article shares the experiences of moms who are single parents.


This article describes the everyday lives of families who have a child with Down syndrome.


This article shares resources specifically for dads learning about a diagnosis of Down syndrome.


This article provides articles and perspectives about what parents have learned after the first year and beyond.


This article specifically shares resources and parent/sibling perspectives about having a twin or twins with Down syndrome.


This article describes the experiences of women who received blood tests or ultrasound findings indicating high chances for Down syndrome but declined an amnio or CVS to know with more certainty.


This article includes a list of baby shower items recommended by other moms for babies with Down syndrome to celebrate and prepare for the birth of your little one. Some items are typical for any baby, and others are items moms found particularly useful for their baby with Down syndrome.


This article describes how children with Down syndrome have changed their parents over time.


This article talks about different ways working moms coordinate their schedules and child care to make it possible to be a parent and also work.


This article discusses how extra medical care can be helpful during a pregnancy when the baby has Down syndrome.