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Preparing for a possible NICU stay

August 27, 2012 in Birth Plans, Health Issues

Expectant parents preparing for the birth of a baby with Down syndrome will read information in our book and other on-line resources discussing the possibility of a NICU stay.  Mom Adina over at Baby Center conducted an informal poll of moms which found the following:

32.4 percent of babies went home with mom

24.3 percent spent less than 2 weeks in NICU

19.8 percent spent 2 to 4 weeks in NICU

9 percent spent 4 to 6 weeks in NICU

14.4 percent spent over 6 weeks in NICU

Adina’s poll shows over half of the babies with Down syndrome had no NICU stay or only a short NICU stay.  But a large percentage do have a stay over 2 weeks.   So while many babies will not have a NICU stay, practically speaking it is a very good idea to prepare for the possibility.

Experienced moms, did your baby have a NICU stay?  If so, what advice do you have for expectant moms who wish to prepare for that possibility?

(Original post January 7, 2011)

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