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Happy Mother’s Day 2012

May 11, 2012 in Friends and Family

“A Family’s Love on Mother’s Day”
This weekend we will celebrate Mother’s Day. For our expectant mothers, this can sometimes be a bittersweet time. They have so many worries, and have not yet experienced the rewards of parenting a child with Down syndrome. They often hold on tight to our words of hope, and the vision of a future as happy as most of ours. They may have moments of sheer happiness in their pregnancy, and some fully reclaim that joy of expecting. One of our moms from the Baby Center DSP discussion board, Lindsay, sent us this picture of her family taken by her sister-in-law which captures that excitement, the anticipation of a family made complete by the addition of a little one with Down syndrome.

Bloggers, will you share your Mother’s Day posts with our expectant moms?

(Also, this photo is in a “Mommy and Me” contest – vote for it if you wish. Go to, then go to Mommy And Me Photo Contest under quick links. Register and then go to your email to confirm. This picture is on page 3, picture 28.)

Your prenatal care

May 4, 2012 in Medical Provider, Post-Diagnosis Health

Many parents choose to receive a diagnosis in order to receive more prenatal care, yet the prenatal care for a Down syndrome pregnancy varies throughout the country. What has been your experience? Did you feel you were receiving adequate care? Did you wish your doctor would be more aggressive? Were you overwhelmed with the tests and wish they would step back?

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