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The journey: one size does not fit all

February 7, 2011 in Diagnosis, Emotions, Resources, Support

In the five years we have worked with expectant parents, we have seen many similarities in the experiences of those in post-diagnosis pregnancy.  Reading of these experiences allows expectant parents to know they are not alone.  We have been where you are.  We understand.  However, this population is very diverse in terms of life experiences, beliefs, personalities, and circumstances. Expectant parents do not all react the same way, nor do they all need the same form of support.

There are many avenues of support available, many ways of gaining confidence, many ways to be comforted and empowered.  Which best fit your personality?  Which best met your needs?  Local groups, therapy, on-line support?   Books on Down syndrome, meeting families, prayer?  Scientific research, personal stories, a specific resource?

Please share with us the combination of supports that best worked for you.

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