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Giving Thanks

November 24, 2010 in Emotions, Future

Expectant parents who are raw from a diagnosis may not be feeling very thankful.  It is difficult to envision the future as one that you will treasure, but that is the reality of most who have walked your path.  We hope reading about the gratitude of experienced parents will give you hope at this time.  Parents, share some thoughts as we celebrate Thanksgiving this year.

Officially, we at are particularly thankful to the medical professionals who have been sending parents to our website, and to the Down syndrome community for embracing our efforts.

Welcome expectant parents!

November 12, 2010 in Blog, Book, Diagnosis, Emotions

Congratulations on your pregnancy, and welcome to our community. If you have just received a confirmed or suspected diagnosis, you may be feeling very afraid, alone, and overwhelmed. We offer information that can help.

1. A free downloadable Down syndrome pregnancy book.  (Suggested $10 donation.) Buy the printed version HERE (Woodbine House).

2. A blog on our home page.  The current post is always on the front page, and you can also search by categories.

3. Open dialogue on Baby Center’s Down syndrome pregnancy board.  This is a public board not owned by us, but our own Nancy, Missy, and Amy are there on a daily basis to answer questions, provide comfort, and facilitate peer support.

4.  Valuable supplemental information in our Resources section.

We’re here to help you on this journey, prepare you for the immediate future, and give you hope.  Feel free to contact Stephanie privately if you wish at is administered as part of the National Center for Prenatal and Postnatal Down Syndrome Resources at the University of Kentucky’s Human Development Institute (HDI).

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